WorkCover in the transport industry

WorkCover is currently targeting four key areas of compliance:

  1. Onsite traffic management systems to prevent workers (including drivers) being struck by forklifts, trucks and other mobile plant in loading docks, distribution and freight forwarding centres and other loading and unloading areas.
  2. Injuries from manual loading and unloading trucks, restraining loads, handling gates and curtains on trailers, falling loads as well as getting in and out of trucks.
  3. Return to work and injury management to improve outcomes for workers returning to work following an injury.
  4. Driver wellness issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, sleep disorders and mental health, which contribute to workers being more susceptible to injury and lead to longer recovery times.

If you are concerned with your compliance with one of the above or have been contacted by WorkCover contact us to see how we can help, or you can visit our library to see articles on the topic.

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